• The client must be 18 years of age or older to hire an eBike.
  • 120kg weight limit.
  • One person per bike.
  • Under 18’s to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Helmets are provided and recommended.
  • eBikes Vanuatu reserves the right to charge for damages at our discretion up to replacement value. Undamaged condition means normal wear and tear and is accepted but does not include broken spokes, rims, bent rims, damaged frames, handlebars, seats, water damage from flooding or other parts from misuse and / or crashes.
  • The client understands that this activity may result in severe injury, including but not limited to spinal or head injury or worse.

WAIVER: Clients acknowledge and agree that eBikes Vanuatu has no control over the operation of the rental eBikes by clients. eBikes Vanuatu assumes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, property damage, third party liability or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any wrongful, negligent or accidental acts or omissions on the part of the client or clients agents; any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment or instrumentality owned, operated or otherwise used by the client; any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under the control, direct or otherwise of eBikes Vanuatu. The client indemnifies eBikes Vanuatu, its agents, directors and employees from and against any and all liability arising during the rental period. Clients acknowledge that they are aware of the risks involved with cycling but not limited to physical exertion, forces of nature, accidents, travel via any mode of transport, adequacy of medical facilities, or negligence on the part of employees, directors and agents or others of eBikes Vanuatu. Clients agree to be responsible for their own welfare and accept any and all risk associated with the activities they undertake. Clients acknowledge and agree that eBikes Vanuatu has the right to refuse hire for not executing this document or other required documentation correctly.


I agree that by renting a motorbike, I accept liability for all damages and / or injury that may occur whilst riding the motorbike. By signing this agreement, I understand that I’m waiving my right to bring court action to recover compensation for any injury to myself or any other person (including passengers and third parties) or for any damages to property, however caused, arising out of my use of the rented motorbike.

I understand that there are serious risks associated with using motorbikes and have a fully comprehensive travel insurance policy including medivac cover. I acknowledge that a helmet is provided for my use (mandatory). I am responsible for securing all equipment that has been rented for the whole of the rental period.

I will take FULL responsibility and pay in full to replace or repair the lost, stolen or damaged motorbike and other equipment rented to me. I consent to eBikes Vanuatu holding a copy of my credit card details for the recovery of damage costs incurred (if any) during the hire period.

I, the undersigned user understand that the terms of this agreement are legally binding and I certify that I am signing this agreement having carefully read it as a condition of hiring the motorbike.


  • The hirer must be 18 years of age or older and hold a full Car License from their country of origin.
  • The hirer must obey the road rules of Vanuatu. (Helmet on at all times)
  • BEWARE of potholes and unmarked SPEED HUMPS. Damage to the motorbike as a result of pot hole entry will be at the hirers cost.
  • The hirer will be liable for the insurance excess of 100,000vt should a claim be made as a result of the hirer’s negligence causing serious damage to the motorcycle or a third parties vehicle.
  • Always ride on the RIGHT hand side of the road.
  • Always ride with the headlights “ON”.
  • Do not take the bike “Off road” bush trails / beach or similar.
  • Loss of Motorbike key will incur a cost of 10,000vt plus bike recovery costs.
  • In the event of a flat tyre, or breakdown, stop riding immediately and call + (678) 7500 360 and we will recover the bike free of charge and replace it with another bike.
  • The motorbike hire includes a full tank of petrol. This is more than enough for a whole days riding around the island. At the end of the hire period it is the hirers responsibility to ensure the motorbike has a full tank of UNLEADED fuel when returned to eBikes Vanuatu shop.
  • Whilst the Motorbikes are brand new and checked and maintained daily it is the hirers’ responsibility to inspect the operation of the motorbike prior to departure.
  • The hirer agrees to return the bike on or before the agreed time. Overtime charges of 5,000vt per hour or part thereof will apply if the motorbike is returned late.
  • ALL credit or debit card payments incur an additional 3% surcharge.Regards,


Under 18s if applicable


Maximum file size: 268.44MB